Marco Biemans born in Dordrecht in western Netherlands and now based in Rotterdam Marco Biemans was encouraged by his parents to develop a sensitivity towards art and culture at a young age. Having been exposed to a variety of drawing and painting techniques by his mother, a self-taught artist, Marco knew that a creative education would be a necessity. He studied graphic arts in Rotterdam for a period of four years, during which he felt the urge to immerse himself in 3D design. He went on to take up interior and architectural design at the Academy of Art St. Joost in the city of Breda. Marco creates drawings, paintings and sculptures of stripped down, elongated human figures. He gives our emotions and struggles “another context”, places them in a “new world”. Doubt, fixity, freedom – these are some of the themes explored. The palette is limited and the strokes remain minimal. The innovative pieces of art communicate effectively not in spite of but because of their simplicity. Exposities 2014 Saatchi Online Gallery
2014 Ara Artfair, Zwijndrecht
2014 Vernisage at the Gallery Brons,Rotterdam
2016 publication on art and from another context by Tulika Bahadur
2013 Bookpublish “Nameless”: 26 illustrations [ By Marco Biemans]A collaboration with Jermin Bell Paperback: 56 pages Publisher: Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds Caribean; 1 edition (2012) ISBN-10: 9990416893
ISBN-13: 978-9990416893 2013 - “Einsteinables” Bussiness Lifestyle Magazine

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